Please Help Us Grow Our Organization

We need a few key people to help grow our organization and coordinate our activities. If you have these special skills, please consider volunteering.

Financial Coordinator 

Are you an accountant or math whiz? This person will keep track of the organization’s finances, both outgoing expenses and incoming donations. When it comes time to file our 990 tax returns with the IRS, this person will prepare the information for your group’s accountant.

Corporate Relations Coordinator 

Do you enjoy working collaboratively with key stakeholders? You will reach out to corporations—such as pet stores or big-box chains—and other service providers to negotiate prices for food, veterinary services, transport and other items so the rescue can minimize expenses.

Foster Coordinator

Do you have a lot of patience and good people skills? The foster coordinator needs to give prospective foster providers a clear list of what the group will provide and what the foster provider will be responsible for when caring for animals. Importantly, this person needs to be constantly accessible via email and phone to respond to foster providers’ questions in a timely manner. Additionally, the foster coordinator will coordinate returns and find new foster homes for pets when necessary. This person will work with the director to start a continuing education program designed to keep foster providers learning and engaged. It is essential to build good relationships with foster providers to keep them happy and willing to continue fostering!

Adoptions Coordinator/Counselor 

Do you enjoy helping pets find their forever homes? Do you consider yourself to be intuitive and a good judge of character? Do you have email access throughout the day and time to field inquiries? This person will use general guidelines as set by board members and the director rather than rely on rigid rules when approving adoption applications.  This person should be comfortable communicating with potential adopters to support the adoption process. This position requires considerable tact, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. This position is a good fit for someone who is a “people person” and understands that customer service is critical to adoption success.

Adoption Event Coordinator 

Who likes to get up early during the weekend? We are looking for an event coordinator who will plan and run weekly adoption events. Responsibilities include showing up every week to set up and break down the event, having the appropriate paperwork on hand, and projecting a warm and welcoming appearance to all potential adopters and foster providers who pass by.

Communications/Marketing/Publicity Specialist

Do you have excellent communication skills and are social media savvy? Do you also enjoy planning fundraising events or want to help but are not able to volunteer on a regular basis? This person will represent the organization on social media and will be considered the face of our organization. 

Grant Writing Coordinator 

Do you enjoy raising money for organizations?  Are you an excellent technical writer? We are looking for someone who can search through resources to find applicable grants and form a team of people to draft the proposals. The coordinator keeps track of grant applications in progress, proposal deadlines, proposal specifications and eventual outcomes.

Fundraising Events Coordinator

Do you have experience in event planning?  Do you have a knack for developing ideas that encourage others to participate in charity fundraisers? A fundraising team is necessary to help offset organizational expenses. This individual will be asked to organize several different types of events throughout the year.

Community Outreach Organizer

Do you enjoy building long-term relationships with community members and businesses? Are you personable, engaging and have excellent customer service skills? The primary purpose of this position is to build relationships among stakeholders—volunteers, other local animal organizations, local businesses—to ensure a presence in the community with a focus on connecting people to animals through service.  For example, this person may arrange regular visits to care centers for the elderly. This individual will also support adopters/pet owners by connecting them with spay/ neuter, vaccination and other veterinary/behavior/wellness resources for their pets when requested to ensure that animals continue to thrive. This person will follow up with clients via phone and home visits as needed to support the family and their pet(s). 

If you are ready to volunteer for a coordinator/organizer position with Pippi’s Place, please fill out our online application form by clicking on the button below. Be sure to select coordinator/organizer on the application and indicate which position interests you in the “Describe your interests” field in the application. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you still have questions, please fill out the contact form on on the left and we will get back to you.

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