Maddie – Adopted

Black and white cat

Meet beautiful Maddie!  It is so easy to get lost in those gorgeous green eyes with just a hint of gold.  This baby girl is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside.  She loves to play and snuggle with her feline friends but always saves some of that love for her human companions as well.  Her foster mom says that Maddie is a confident girl but makes sure she knows where her foster mom can be found.  It is adorable when she pops her head around the corner to look for her. Once she is satisfied that all is in order, she returns to romping with her friends.

Black and white cat
Maddie peering at you
Two cats
Maddie and Licorice

Maddie has developed a close friendship with another kitty in her foster home, Licorice.  Licorice is a beautiful adult cat who has taken Maddie “under her wing”.  They frequently play and snuggle together.  Licorice grooms Maddie and cares for her almost as if she has decided that Licorice is her baby.  Will you consider choosing BOTH of these gorgeous girls to be part of your family? Come meet sweet Maddie today!

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