Licorice – Adopted

Black cat named licorice

Meet Licorice!  This precious little lady is aptly named as her sleek black coat is the color of midnight just like the candy itself.  Her personality is just as sweet…totally loveable and affectionate!  Licorice talks and follows her person around like a puppy at times.  She is also just fine laying in her favorite spot to have some quiet time while her person is busy or away.  Licorice jumps on her foster mom’s lap when invited. Two of her favorite lap time activities are watching TV together and napping.  She enjoys the company of other cats and maybe a quiet, laidback dog.

Black cat and white kitten
Licorice and Maddie

Licorice has developed a close friendship with another kitty in her foster home, Maddie.  Licorice is a beautiful adult cat who has taken  baby kitten Maddie “under her wing” so to speak.  They frequently play and snuggle together.  Licorice grooms Maddie and cares for her almost as if she has decided that Licorice is her baby.  Will you consider choosing BOTH of these gorgeous girls to be part of your family? Come meet this very special girl today!

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